Open-Source Developer Survey



Mitchell Joblin
Siemens AG

Wolfgang Mauerer
Siemens AG

Sven Apel
University of Passau

Janet Siegmund
University of Passau

Question 1

In calculating the number of developers you collaborated with, consider any of the following collaboration possibilities:

  • directly communicating
  • coordinating development efforts
  • sending or receiving patches
  • producing related or similar development contributions


Question 2

Please provide the names or e-mails of individuals you can remember collaborating closely with. Add as many individuals as necessary by using the "+" button.

Developer names or e-mails:

Question 3

Please provide the names or e-mails of individuals who are well-known to steer the project's direction or play significant roles in making project decisions. Add as many individuals as necessary by using the "+" button.

Developer names or e-mails:

Question 4

Strong influence implies a significant role in the contributions and decisions made during the specific development cycle. Average influence implies that you were involved but did not play a leading role. Weak influence implies that you occasionally contributed with only minimal combined impact.


Question 5

Response Scale:

  • Strong Collaboration: well aware of the developer and their contributions, frequently coordinated efforts and/or worked closely in related software components
  • Medium Collaboration: somewhat aware of the developer and their contributions, occasionally coordinated efforts and/or worked occasionally in related software components
  • Weak Collaboration: aware of the developer but mostly unaware of their contributions, very rarely coordinated efforts and/or work in unrelated software components
  • None: aware of developer but never collaborated with them
  • Unknown: never heard of this developer, no idea who they are or what they do

Name E-mail Strong Medium Weak None Unknown

Question 6

Does the following network accurately represent collaborative relationships between developers?

Please indicate the extent to which you agree with the following network. The network shown below is a subnetwork and therefore is not meant to capture every developer relationship in the project. Each node in the network represents a developer and a link between two developers indicates a collaborative relationship. The link thickness represents the magnitude of collaboration between the two developers, greater thickness indicates stronger collaboration. Indicate that you strongly agree if the network edges are mostly correct with only a small number of incorrect edges. If the network edges are completely incorrect then indicate that you strongly disagree. We encourage you to use the comments section to elaborate on your response. For example, you can discuss what parts of the network are correct or incorrect and also comment on any interesting features that are captured by the network. Your position in the network is shown in red, so that you can easily identify yourself.

Visual Adjustments

Question 7

Do the developers shown in the above network represent a developer community?

A developer community is composed of a group of developers with similar interests, responsibilities or expertise. As a result of these similarities, developers within a community are expected to collaborate more strongly with other developers in the same community than with developers outside of the community.

Please indicate the extent to which you agree that the above network correctly represents a developer community. Additionally, please provide an explanation of what the developer network represents in terms of how the developers are related. For example, the developers could be responsible for testing a particular system component. A second explanation might be that they are simply a random collection of developers that share no special commonalities.

The above network may be missing some developers or incorrectly includes certain developers who do not belong. Please indicate the missing and incorrect developers by providing their names below.

Question 8

If you have any other comments please provide them below.

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