Open-Source Developer Survey



Mitchell Joblin
Siemens AG

Wolfgang Mauerer
Siemens AG

Sven Apel
University of Passau

Janet Siegmund
University of Passau

Question 1

In determining the number of developers you collaborated with, consider the following non-exhaustive list of possible modes of collaboration:

  • directly communicating through e-mail
  • coordinating development efforts
  • sending or receiving patches
  • contributing to common or interdependent software components

Number of developers:

Question 2

Please provide the name or e-mail of individuals that you collaborated with, the reason for collaborating, and the strength of the collaboration. Please use the comments text box to elaborate on the nature of the collaboration. If you are a highly active member with a large number of collaborators, you may enter only a few key people instead of a complete list. For each person that your mention, please enter the public name or alias that they use in the mailing lists, bug tracker, or version-control system for the project. Please keep in mind that the names and e-mails will never be publicly released for any reason. You may add as many individuals as necessary by using the "Add Row" button.

Please enter only one name per input field, we also provide auto-completion for developers that we have already identified from the open-source archives.

Developer name or e-mail:
Reason for collaborating:
Strength of Relationship:

Question 3

Please provide the names or e-mails of individuals who are well-known to steer the project's direction, play a significant role in project decisions, or make other significant development contributions. Add as many individuals as necessary by using the "+" button.

Developer names or e-mails:

Question 4

Thank you for your responses, and we highly appreciate your efforts. If you have any other comments, feedback, or questions, we strongly encourage you to provide them below.

If you would like to receive the anonymized results of the survey, include your email below.